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The Tstat6 is a self contained PID Controller. with 8 Analogue Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 6 Relays, and Modbus Communications More »

Flush Room Sensor

For non-intrusive temperature monitoring, can be totally flush mounted and painted over. More »

Duct Humidity Probe

Duct mounted highly accurate Humidity/Temperature probe with 0-10v Outputs / Modbus. More »

Air Pressure Switch

Adjustable AirPressure switches can be used for fan-proving systems or filter blockage detection More »

Air Pressure Sensor

Programmable Air Pressure sensor can be used for optimal fan speed setting, room pressurisation, early filter monitoring More »

Occupancy Sensor

Simple Yes/No occupancy sensors can monitor if a room is occupied to save the systems from controlling an empty room More »

Poptop Zone Valve

Poptop Valves are ideal for precise control of Hot/Cold water systems More »

Modulating 90° Damper

With On/OFF or 0-10v Control, these 90° Modulating Dampers are can control Air-Blade dampers, and 90° Ball Valves More »

Flow Switch

The flow switch comes with different length paddles for a Flow/No-Flow monitoring system, great for monitoring pumps and other water systems More »

Current Transducer

The current transducer provides 0-5v or 0-10v proportional signal depending on the current draw of the monitored device. handy for proving devices are working to specification More »

Underfloor Heating Manifolds

With Manifolds from 2-12 Zones water can be circulated evenly and accurately to your floor Simple thermostatic valve heads can accurately maintain temperature More »

1PH Watt-Hour meter

A Simple, Single Phase Watt-Hour meter with Solid State pulse output (1000imp/kwH), EEprom Memory, and Security covers More »

Fan Coil Unit

We can source a variety of resonably priced 2/4 Pipe fan coil units, with optional fresh air and multispeed fans. typical model has adjustable air vanes for directed heating. Contact Us »

Variable Speed Drives

With a close partnership with Southern Technology, the New Zealand distributor for Kinco Products, a wide variety of VFD and VSD devices are available More »

24v Power Supply

A robust 24v Power supply which can provide regulation upto the full 3.1A of capacity.

About Hypergen

Hypergen Controls is a small company based in Christchurch which is committed to providing high quality HVAC Controls and Servicing

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